Opal and white sapphire ring in sterling silver

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Incredible opal inlay ring! Australian opal inlay sterling silver ring accented by a sparkling white sapphire. The ring's Australian opal inlay is a deep green with flashes of blue, green, yellow and orange. This opal is very unique and unusual and the photos do not capture the amazing depth and rolling flashes of color in the opal. The center stone is a nicely cut brilliant white sapphire weighing 1.25 carats. The ring is 8mm wide and is shown in a size 6 3/4 for scale. This ring can be special ordered in other sizes in 3 to 5 weeks. The ring may be customized by using other inlay materials or substituting other gemstones for the white sapphire. Lab created opal may also be substituted for the Australian opal.  This ring would make a nice wedding ring or engagement ring for someone looking for a unique and affordable alternative to a diamond ring.

White sapphire makes a great diamond alternative because it is near colorless and almost as hard as a diamond. Sapphire is a 9 on the hardness scale and diamond is a 10. Sapphire is a precious gemstone that occurs in a variety of colors. Sapphire and ruby are both corundum, composed essentially of aluminum oxide (Al2O3). The most common colors found in nature are red (Ruby) and blue (Sapphire). The color is caused by traces of metallic oxide impurities such as chromium, iron or titanium.

In rare cases, white sapphire is found in nature. If pure, all corundum (Sapphire) would be colorless.

Excellent sapphires occur in alluvial deposits of sand and gravel in Sri Lanka. Other important sources of stones are Thailand, India, Afghanistan, China, the Ural Mountains and elsewhere in the former Soviet Union and Queensland, Australia. In the United States, sapphires are found in the corundum deposits of Macon County, North Carolina and near Helena, Montana.

More sapphire information here: http://www.gemstone.org/gem-by-gem/english/sapphire.html

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