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Our lab opal rings for women feature high quality laboratory grown opal inlaid in sterling silver rings.  Many of our lab opal rings are inlaid with brightly colored lab opal accented by gemstones such as sapphires, topaz, amethyst and Moissanite.  We have a large selection of opal colors available including, reds, blues, greens and multicolor options.  Any of the lab opal colors you see can be inlaid in any of the ring designs you see.  We also have many other color option that are not yet shown so please inquire about your favorite color if it's not shown.  Metal upgrades include Continuum sterling silver (tarnish resistant), 316L stainless steel, 14k white or yellow gold, and platinum.  We will need your ring size to give you an accurate price quote on the metal upgrade cost.

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Lab created opal has virtually the same chemical make up as natural opal with one exception- natural opal contains a small amount of water suspended in the structure and lab opal does not.  In lab grown opal the water content is replaced with a resin which gives the lab opal more strength and durability than natural opal.  We take great care when cutting the lab opal for our rings to avoid the uniform pattern seen in most lab opal jewelry and attempt to mimic the more random pattern of natural opal.

 Lab created opal rings in sterling silver by Hileman Silver Jewelry.